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Noureen is in the Jan/Feb issue of Playboy

Meet 15 of the most charitable celebrities in Hollywood

Supermodel and America’s Got Talent host Heidi Klum brightens kids and families’ days at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Anger Management’s Noureen DeWulf volunteers for her husband’s Steadfast Foundation, which helps children who have long stays in hospitals. Arrow’s Stephen Amell recently joined the board of FCancer to spread the word about early detection and prevention.


‘They Came Together’ Official Trailer

I’ve added the Official Trailer for Noureen’s upcoming film, They Came Together which she stars alongside Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd.

PREVIEW: Ep. 11 of Anger Management

Love Nour.

PREVIEW: Anger Management Ep. 11

Here’s a preview of the next Anger Management episode. happy to see Denise Richards.

Noureen discusses working with Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan will be in a couple episodes of Anger Management (or maybe just one, I’m not sure) and Nour discussed what it was like working with her on the E! set. You can watch the video and read the article here.

New ‘Anger Management’ Episodic Stills

I’ve added two episodic stills of Nour from next weeks ep. 11 of Anger Management. So make sure you check out the hot shots of Noureen. Enjoy!

“Anger Management” Capture Update!

I’ve added all of the missing captures from the past three weeks and included this past week’s episode to the gallery. How incredible were Lacey and her little sister? That was a fun episode and I definitely hope she pops back up. I also got a kick out of Lacey kissing Nolan… those two! Check out all of the images in the gallery when you get a chance!

Gallery Link:
– Noureen DeWulf Fan > Television Productions > Anger Management > Season Two: Screencaps

Burning Love debuts on E! tonight…

Don’t miss the television debut of one of the greatest web series of all time, Burning Love, which will premiere tonight on E! at 10 p. EST.

Anger Management 2×06 Charlie and Deception Therapy Captures…

I’ve added captures of Noureen from last week’s episode of Anger Management. How funny was Lacey? I could not stop laughing when she was dancing at Ed’s anniversary party and then how she danced away. Gotta love Nour. Also, THANK YOU FX for having more than one therapy session in one episode which equated to more group and more Noureen! That’s all I’ve been asking for.

Gallery Link:
– Noureen DeWulf Fan > Television Productions > Anger Management > 2.06 – Charlie and Deception Therapy

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